• Wilbur Piazza (map)
  • N. Wilbur Ave. and N. Holman St
  • Portland, Oregon 97217


N. Wilbur Ave. and N. Holman St. (1 block South of Rosa Parks Blvd. and 1 Block North of Ainsworth Ave.)




Brad Clark, WilburPiazza@gmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/events/573762172785271/



Our intersection painting project grew out of a renewed sense of connection and community building in our neighborhood. After a hiatus of over 10 years, we decided to revive our block party so we could all get reacquainted. We had wonderful food, good music and conversations lasting into the evening.

Our design incorporates the theme of connection to each other, to our community and to the natural world, reflecting the activity of individuals and growing families in the life of the neighborhood. Located in Arbor Lodge, our design depicts four trees, one extending into each of the four streets, marking the compass directions and seasons of the year. The roots of the trees converge, and form a circular labyrinth at the intersection itself. Our vision is to create a bright colorful community space to support meeting, talking, walking and engaging with one another in our vibrant and changing neighborhood.


Street painting creates a work of art, but it’s really about building community, and spending a fun day with friends and neighbors. This year we’ll be giving our intersection a good cleaning and another coat of paint. We’ll have tasty food and drinks for all our painters, music and a great times celebrating “Piazza di Wilbur!” Come join us!



Sat, June 4, 9am-evening: Repainting the intersection