• Hobbit Hole (map)
  • 1534 Southeast 40th Avenue
  • Portland, OR, 97214
  • United States


Hobbit Hole


1534 SE 40th Ave, Portland, OR 97214


Beth Raisman





Using straw wattles and clay rich site soil, we'll be weaving and sculpting as we transform a basement living space into an underground hobbit hole. Come help us create an earthen sculpture that mimics the root system of a tree that radiates from a 4ft round of Douglas Fir mounted to the ceiling. The roots will wind their way from the bedroom through the rest of the living space.

Using earthen materials and the wattle and daub technique, we'll be making existing square corners in the walls into more curved, organic shapes. Together, we'll also be turning a bookshelf into a cobbed structure. We'll begin each portion of the project on a separate day and then continue on all of them throughout the week until they are finished. There's plenty to accomplish together!


There will be food. Oh yes.

Friday, June 3, 9:30am-4pm: Straw/Clay/Burlap Ceiling Sculpture

Saturday, June 4, 9:30am-4pm: Wattle and Daub

Sunday, June 5, 9:30am-4pm: Bookshelf Sculpting with Cob

Monday, June 6, 9:30am-4pm: Continue all Projects

Tuesday, June 7, 9:30am-4pm: Continue all Projects

Wed, June 10: DAY OFF!!! Weeee

Thursday, June 9, 9:30am-4pm: Continue all Projects

Friday, June 10, 9:30am-4pm: Continue all Projects

Saturday, June 11, 9:30am-4pm: Chopped Straw Clay Base Plaster

Sunday, June 12, 11am-4pm: Chopped Straw Clay Base Plaster/ Finishing Touches