• Recess (House of Many Names) (map)
  • 2735 Southeast 30th Avenue
  • Portland, OR, 97202
  • United States


2735 SE 30th Ave, Portland, OR 97202 #RECESSHOUSEVBC



Axcelle and Seed, damnfineradhouse@gmail.com, 541-315-4742




The Recess house is an intentional community started in Spring 2012 on Multnomah Chinook Land (SE Portland) as a living space for artists, rebels, dreamers, builders, gardeners, and organizers creatively working for social change. As a house, we are committed to egalitarian relationships of respect and cooperation, compassionate care for each other and the Earth, also solidarity with struggles for justice. We are making our space more flexible, accessible, and vibrant by building a cob shed as a social hub, including space for art, tools, meetings, bikes, gardening, rain harvest, and a tea porch. The build will introduce FastCob! to the palette of cob construction methods. Distinct from Oregon Cob, this method is generally faster and more autonomous. Our structure will be constructed mostly from scavengable materials and built to withstand serious earthquakes. We will cover earthquake engineered foundation systems, walls, windows, doors, roof overviews, basic timber framing and woodworking.



Working and open June 3 - June 12th 10am-6pm, Lunch, Snacks, Tea, and Coffee Included


Special Days:

Sun, June 5, 10am-6pm: People of Color build day

Mon, June 6, 3pm-6pm: Kids build half-day

Tue, June 7, 10am-6pm: Women and Trans* build day


Kids welcome but no childcare provided!