• Tryon Life Community Farm (map)
  • 11640 Southwest Boones Ferry Road
  • Portland, OR, 97219
  • United States



11640 SW Boones Ferry Rd Portland OR 97219, #TLCFARM



Jeffree Oshala, ceba.light@gmail.com, 503-593-2838, https://www.facebook.com/Tryon-Life-Community-Farm-173049742470/



Tryon Life Community Farm is a sustainability education center nestled in the Southwest Hills alongside Tryon Creek State Park. We have participated in the VBC for 11 years now! We are more than happy to announce that once again we will be partIcipating with some good ol natural building fun. We are transforming our 75 foot greenhouse into a work of art. Starting with the entrance we will be bringing it to life with an earthen remodel, to replace the plastic. Along with a living awning this will be a spectacular addition to the new ethnobotanical educational garden and gathering area. No experience necessary. Parking is VERY limited. We will be offering a shuttle to and from the central venue, a half hour before work parties begin and returning in time for the evening events. PLEASE RSVP! If you can't make the shuttle, please carpool or even better bike. A simple, delicious, nutritious lunch will be offered along with homemade goat milk ice cream and smoothies for dessert!



Fri, June 3, 10am-4pm: We will be doing some basic carpentry, and mixing cob. Yummy lunch provided.

Sat, June 4, 10am-4pm: Mixing and layering cob. Yummy lunch provided.

Sun, June 5, 10am-4pm: Mixing and layering cob. Yummy lunch provided.

Mon, June 6, 10am-4pm: Mixing and layering cob; installing decorative bottles and window.

Tue, June 7, 10am-4pm: Finishing it up! Mixing and layering cob

Yummy lunch provided.