• Jade's Jewel (map)
  • NE 61 Ave & Tillamook St
  • Portland, Oregon 97213


NE 61 Ave & Tillamook St




Joey Razzano

joey.razzano@comcast.net, 503-998-5096




We have a fabulous neighborhood that we are really blessed to live in. While our community has dwindled in the past year, we used to have block parties, Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, and a plethora of gatherings annually. Unfortunately, over the years there have been some illnesses and deaths in our neighborhood impeding upon our community building. So, we are bringing the community back together by painting the streets rockin' colors! The drawing is Sponge Bob Squarepants inspired and to learn the whole story, come to our painting!



Sun, June 5

8am-10am: Pressure washing.

10am-5pm: Painting

The streets will be closed so kids can play or ride bikes. We'll have music and enjoy a potluck afterward. Join us!