• The Sharing Seed (map)
  • 8525 Southeast 11th Avenue SE 11 Ave & Clatsop St
  • Portland, OR, 97202
  • United States


8525 SE 11th Ave and SE 11 Ave & Clatsop St



Ayomide Njo





Only one block from the Historic Share-it Square, The Sharing Seed Hub is a household of foodies, musicians and artist that love to teach. The Intersection painting design that we created encompasses the sharing that we hope to encourage in our neighborhood. A welcome sign in memory of a fellow neighbor who welcomed all that came through our slice of heaven. We are hoping this design is approved for the intersection of 11th and Clatsop. This Sharing Seed design is a picture of people holding hands around a seed. This design also is a representation of what we hope to accomplish with our home. We want to create a community hub where people in our neighborhood can meet to discuss how to enhance our street, learn, and can share music and meals together.


SITE SCHEDULE (Contact site host for updated schedule)

Fri, June 3: Intersection prep day. 7PM

Sat, June 4, 10am-3pm: Food, Live Music and street painting.

Tue, June 7, 7-9pm: Open mic at the Sharing Seed.