• The Rebuilding Center (map)
  • 3625 North Mississippi Avenue
  • Portland, OR, 97227
  • United States


CONTACT: Dave Lowe, Dave@rebuildingcenter.org, 503.467.4985, www.rebuildingcenter.org

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This is a collaborative project with the African American Alliance for Homeownership. We will canvas the North/Northeast Corridor to locate homeowners in need of minor repairs. We will then recruit volunteers and carry out those repairs on one day, or possibly two days, during the Village Convergence.

SITE SCHEDULE: Sat, June 11, 9am-5pm: We will do simple repairs - painting, simple plumbing, minor repairs, etc. for homeowners in need of simple repairs to stay in their homes. For those needing more extensive repairs, we will hook them up with the appropriate agencies.