• Wygant Street Width of a Circle (map)
  • NE Wygant Street between 57 Ave & 60 Ave
  • Portland, Oregon 97218


NE Wygant Street btwn 57 Ave & 60 Ave, #WYGANTWIDTH


Xan Hamilton, susiesomeone@gmail.com, 5035937894, https://www.facebook.com/WygantWidthofaCircle/



Wygant Street came together in 2015 to design and paint the first permitted mid-street painting in Portland. A hot day led to an amazing painting party, gifting to our street five long-lasting, colorful flags.

This VBC, Width of a Circle has rallied around the cause of insects and pollinators. We are creating a swath of land that will be imbued with predominantly native vegetation, to entice pollinators to enjoy organic drinks of nectar while they collect pollen to spread to other locations. To help these insects, we will be constructing four insect hotels of various form and function. These will be made from vastly different, mostly reused and natural materials including: a 4-foot cob figure with a green-roof, a wildlife stack with gaps and crevasses, a vertical hut with shelves holding fascinating forms and hideaways. These structures will simultaneously provide unique artwork as well as habitat for the creatures that are in great decline in our world! And...we will also repaint our street!



Sat, June 11

8am:Meet on the street for coffee and pastries before we get into building!

9am: Start to build! We will be separating to work on several insect hotel projects


Sun, June 12

8am: Meet on the street for coffee and pastries before we get into painting!

9am: Grab a brush and paint and help to repaint the lovely images that were designed and painted last summer!