• Share-It Square (map)
  • SE Sherrett St. and SE 9th Ave
  • Portland, Oregon 97207


SE Sherrett St. and SE 9th Ave. #SHAREITSQUARE



Sarah Heath, sarah.heath7@gmail.com



Come join us for the 21st annual repainting of the very first intersection repair in the world! This year's design was chosen, as it is every year, through discussion among the neighbors while coming together over a potluck. The design will feature an interwoven nest in the center, holding eggs with a salmon hatching from one. Emanating from the nest in each cardinal direction will be a creature and an element to represent different sacred locations in our state and animals that inhabit this place. To the north, a bird flying through clouds. To the east, Mt. Hood holding a silhouette of a wolf. To the south, a fir tree and roses highlighting a honey bee. And to the west, a river with the salmon swimming out of an egg. All of the creatures will be holding a red thread, a recurring theme from last year to represent the red thread of life and connection.



Sat, June 11

10am: Red thread opening ceremony

10:20am: Painting begins! Random events pop up throughout day! Some light snacks provided throughout day.

3 or 4pm: Wrap up painting, closing circle and picture. Clean up!