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  • SE 67 Ave and Woodward St


SE 67 Ave and Woodward St


Melissa Curry | streetpainting@southtabor.org | 503-449-1444


#SOUTHTABORNEIGHBORS | We are excited to host our neighborhood's first intersection repair project. This beautiful mural is the result of a true community effort. Two ideas were submitted to us through our design idea contest and we had input from our neighborhood Facebook group. Artist Rachel Gibbs took these various ideas and synthesized them into an awe-inspiring creation. We were drawn to crows as a symbol of community. These smart birds abound in our neighborhood and are often seen congregating in huge murders. We came up with the idea to have them flying into and around our circle as a way to express movement. Hearts and hands are centered in the mural just as they are central in our ability to support one another and our community. We love our design and cannot wait to see it in it's grandest form!

We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities to participate in the event. We hope this is the first of many such projects in our neighborhood!


Sun, June 12, 9am-1pm: Street painting continued, if needed. This date is also an alternate day if weather is uncooperative.


*Kids activities, music, and refreshments will be available throughout the day