• Refuge PDX (map)
  • 116 Southeast Yamhill Street
  • Portland, OR, 97217
  • United States

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Nomad Dance offers transformational somatic training that expands consciousness and revolutionizes the way in which people connect with one another. The practice we continue to refine, Cocréa, draws from over 18 years of dance, theater, and facilitation experience.

Cocréa is an emerging conscious dance practice synthesizing multiple techniques and concepts to promote radical presence and kinesthetic bliss. Social partner dance techniques from swing, salsa and blues offer structure, aesthetics and styling of hip-hop and contemporary free-form dance offer vocabulary for expression. Danyasa inspired yoga, physical theater training, physics, authentic relating and consent practices all contribute to a dynamic blend of form and FUNction.

Viewing dance as life, Cocréa is a holistic movement modality intended for healing and transformation that can be accessed through virtually any musical portal. This somatic toolbox emphasizes connection, communication and presence between two people within a community of others. Allowing intuition and feeling to guide the partnership, their centers and frames to support it, dancers listen and respond in the moment to access and embody their genius.