• Refuge PDX (map)
  • 116 Southeast Yamhill Street
  • Portland, OR, 97217
  • United States

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In the Main Hall:

Weaving Together: Confronting Oppression

How do we belong in a place? What are the barriers that we are confronted with in owning a place? What does it feel like to not belong and how can we create a city where we all belong? 

This year’s VBC theme is Weaving Together: What will it take? When we discuss creating a thriving, livable, and connected city, we must look at the ways in which people are left out of this dream, whether it be in the form of racism, job insecurity, discrimination, rent increases, or simply living in a city in which you feel unwelcome. 

In this discussion we will create a space to share the ways in which different communities are prevented from belonging to this city. We hope that this conversation will lead into a discussion about the ways people are organizing together to create - or demand - a place in Portland.

This event will be structured in a “fish bowl” style in which the speakers will discuss the topic and the audience will observe.  Afterwards, we will break into small groups and discuss the theme further, hopefully exchanging contact information and spurring action.