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Weaving the Future Myth: Open Forum with Tea to Reflect on Shared Experiences of Inclusivity and Belonging

In Lieu of the World Café group conversation model, Rabbit’s Moon Tea Arts will host an open forum discussion about proactive community inclusively and the power of tea to bridge the divide between ourselves and each other within the spheres of our intimate, social and cultural environments. Reconciliation with a deeper sense of belonging to greater shared community, beyond the separation of class, race, gender, access, age or identity, is at the very heart of being human and yet, in itself a seemingly subversive act in American culture at large. The art of tea is the essence of this heart, the heart of presence, acceptance and humility of service as a form of offering humanity back to itself, in every single cup.

The open forum tea service will serve as a safe space platform for people to reflect on their own personal experiences this week at the VBC of radical inclusively, interpersonal reconciliation and finding a deeper sense of connection and belonging to something ineffably human beyond the gamut of socialized labels that seem to accumulate around us in the everyday world at large. In every cup, may we find equality reflected in all things, in each other and ourselves, always.

Rabbit’s Moon Tea Arts is a local, direct source, small batch tea distributor and facilitator of tea as a tool for community building through embodying transpersonal relationships. Tea can be a therapeutic modality for imbibing presence. As a daily practice of taking ‘time out’ of the day, one deepens their relationship with themselves, each other and the world at large. There is a reason it is the second most drank beverage after water worldwide. By bringing into resolution the mind with the heart through awareness of the present moment, it invites an internal revolution of our everyday unconscious conditioning. Tea is the medium for humanity to meet itself.  Beyond all concepts of society, culture, gender, race, access, age or ability it draws us into the very basic essence of what it means to be alive and simply share a moment together. By transcending the structures imposed by society at large we return to our original innocence found at birth. For ages, it is the tea rooms and the tea houses across the world that have been the sanctuary for the authenticity of being human to shine through, to challenge and sometimes subvert the harsh borders of what is defined by society in a given time and place throughout history simply by providing a safe space to see and be seen.

As a distributor of farm direct, hand-made, whole leaf teas from across China, Steven Odell has held a vision to bring quality tea to this country that not only qualified as tasteful, organic and chemical free but by retaining a greater energetic (qi) vitality in the body found only in hand-made, traditional processing methods sourced directly from the farmers themselves. This full spectrum sourcing method is maintained by carefully selecting tea from leaf to farmer to our hands onto the customers. It is founded on building long-standing, transparent, family-style relationships with the farmers themselves to assure the value of tea quality and authenticity over quantity and showmanship is always first for both farmer and distributor. 

Many of the teas we source come from sustainably harvested, wild, heritage trees, 6 generation tea farmers using hundreds of years old traditions produced with the utmost care. It is often said the best tea is picked and processed, from leaf to pot, to feel as if it had never left the tree. The processing methods for all our teas are sourced with this level of integrity and mastery. May you enjoy each cup, knowing how much heart has gone into the cultivation of every leaf that has the good fortune to end up in your hands today! May heaven be found on earth in every cup.