• Refuge PDX (map)
  • 116 Southeast Yamhill Street
  • Portland, OR, 97217
  • United States

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In the Main Hall:

Origins of Tiny Homes Movement & The Village Lives: Mark Lakeman

In this keynote, Mark Lakeman will cover the history of Portland’s urbanization and the activist culture that eventually created The City Repair Project. The rapidly changing housing market has created a loss of shelter and access however lead innovative solutions spearheaded by architects, designers, and even some urban developers can paint a more promising future for Portland.  

Mark is the old growth of City Repair with the roots down deep that nourish us all. He is always giving and nourishing the new seedlings as we all work together to break up the concrete and make way for what does work. He is grateful to witness the ongoing blossoming of the VBC in Portland, and the larger urban permaculture and place making movement as it spread across the world. His role in City Repair and VBC is to hold memory, keep connections strong, give council, fund raise, build stuff, and help steer things when asked. In VBC this year, Mark has helped with Place-Making, Core, Inter-City Outreach and Fund Raising, Graphics & Publicity, and Venue Building.