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  • 116 Southeast Yamhill Street
  • Portland, OR, 97217
  • United States

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Kaleidoscope Community Yoga is the art of yoga for groups.

Kaleidoscope Yoga practice is a distillation of the wisdom of the
roots and postures of yoga, choreographed into a hand-holding,
body-bending, heart-connecting community format that everyone can

Participants flow though sacred geometrical shapes, patterns, and
mandalas together. All ages, all levels. This is yoga as group healing
process and group asana practice.

About the presenter: Ayomide Njo

As a native Oregonian Via the vortex of Eugene,  Ayomide's love for Mother Nature's bountiful environment has been life long. This Love has been the main inspiration of her artistic expressions through out her life.  As a young girl she spent her time studying Raqs Sharki (belly dance) and volunteering at the W.O.WHall, a local volunteer run music and event hall. For the over two decades Ayomide has been creating sacred spaces for people to move and play. It is a passion that she has never stopped cultivating.  Now living in Portland She teaches Kaleidoscope community yoga. A mandala style yoga thatfocuses on community building through the connection of people, art and yoga. She also teaches raks sharki at Portland community college and Produces, facilitates and Dj's sacred Dance event All over PDX.  Ayomide believes that art,music and movement are tools of evolution and revolution.