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In the Foyer:

Compassionate Communication: Upgeya Pew

Would you like practical support, in the form of concrete steps, to relate with others in more effective and less costly ways? Would you like to improve your effectiveness in group situations by emphasizing ways of communication that enhance connection and creative interaction? Would you like to learn how to be more gentle with yourself? In this Introduction to Compassionate Communication, we will explore positive ways of relating through the methodology and lens of NVC, revealing the downside cultural conditioning that has us practicing disconnection and victimization at the expense of our aliveness, vitality, and joy. Come learn how to hear and speak what is alive in you and others, in ways that value everyone’s needs, not some at the expense of others. NVC is a form of relational mindfulness designed to cultivate authenticity, connection and caring in how we relate. It includes and goes beyond communication skills, helping us reach beneath the surface and discover what is deeply vital and alive within us, as it guides our endeavors to transform victimization, heal trauma, affirm healthy boundaries, and interact with the world with conscious intention, choice and responsibility. 

Upgeya Pew has been practicing and using Compassionate Communication since 2002, giving workshops and facilitating groups in a variety of settings.