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In the Lounge:

Radical Gratitude with Barbara Ford

Radical gratitude offers a new frame for the role of personal and collective appreciation, thankfulness, and resilience in this time of climate chaos, injustice, and corporate rule. It is not a band-aid to cover over the injustice of the world, but a form of witness, resistance, and solidarity in the face of consumer culture and separation. In large and small group sharing, song, contemplative practices, and collective creativity, we will explore seven qualities of gratitude that can inform and support our capacity for connection and gladness, even in painful circumstances.

Barbara Ford has been an activist, therapist, facilitator, singer, and artist with over thirty years of experience working with individuals and groups, including faith groups, activists, intentional communities, non-profits, and schools. Skilled in working with groups with creativity, empathy, and humor, she often incorporates ritual, music, movement, and other creative activities to deepen the workshop experience. She has worked closely with eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, and offers workshops, classes, and webinars on Active Hope, The Work That Reconnects, Radical Gratitude, and other offerings which explore the convergence of spirit, creativity, and the engaged life.