June 2, 3, 4 2015  2:30- 5:30pm

Join us for this exciting Repair Your City Introductory Course. This three day course gives you an opportunity to explore and learn about how you can bring your experience of VBC into your life and city, wherever you are, whether that be Portland or across the world. Facilitator Jamaica Stevens will hold space for dynamic conversation, sharing of practical tools and strategies, and many of City Repair’s main organizers, including Mark Lakeman, City Repair founder, and Marc Tobin, Executive Director, will come in and teach segments and lead interactive activities.

Cost: $10-20 sliding scale per day, no one turned away. Pay at the door, no pre-registration required.

Location: Tea Lounge (aka Grace Room) at the VBC Central Hearth Venue at 2800 SE Harrison Street, Portland, OR 97214 

This is an exciting prototype year for this course, so our schedule is open to changing, depending on the interests and contexts of the group that shows up. 

Course Schedule (Is "living" and open to change)

Day 1

  • Brief Basic Overview/Intro to CityRepair-VBC ( From the Placemaking Guidebook, etc.)

  • Brief Basic Intro to Jamaica- Re-Inhabit the Village / Ryan- Permaculture Action ( If Ryan is present, if not, will still give basic overview of the concept with info. from Ryan)

  • Introduction to the course schedule

  • Overview of the big picture of the current "ecosystem" for community building, direct action, placemaking, urban permaculture, VBC model, and what’s possible in a city environment.

  • Team Building Games/ Building Group Resonance

  • Asset Mapping with participants

    • Who’s in the room, what do we bring- tracking the resources

    • What are you working with in your community challenges and strengths

    • What is the population of your town/city? What is your relationship with local government?

    • work with case points of projects in the room( Use Small group dialogue for individual focus and feedback or if a small group, use whole group for focused dialogue on specific projects)

Day 2

Day 3

  • Integration, next steps, reflections, harvest Group session

  • Block Repair Game ( Mark Lakeman to facilitate)

  • Describe the Process for bringing VBC to your region, lessons from our model, and what City Repair provides in consulting services


Course Facilitators:

Jamaica Stevens is the Creator of Tribal Convergence Gatherings, Executive Producer of Awaken Visionary Leadership Summit , Co-Founder of Tribal Convergence Network, Organizational Consultant and Producer with Lucidity and other festivals. Currently, she is creating as Author and Project Manager for "ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating our Future" due out in June of 2015. Jamaica is devoted to revealing the genius of each human and sharing collective intelligence to co-create solutions that benefit all. She is an experienced event producer, workshop leader, group facilitator, community organizer, organizational development consultant, project manager, and life coach. Jamaica is passionate about empowering people, projects and organizations to THRIVE!

Mark Lakeman is a national leader in the development of sustainable public places. In the last decade he has directed, facilitated, or inspired designs for more than three hundred new community-generated public places in Portland, Oregon alone. Through his leadership in Communitecture, Inc., and its various affiliates such as the The City Repair Project (501(c)3), The Village Building Convergence, and the Planet Repair Institute, he has also been instrumental in the development of dozens of participatory organizations and urban permaculture design projects across the United States and Canada. Mark works with governmental leaders, community organizations, and educational institutions in many diverse communities.

Marc Tobin is the Executive Director of City Repair, where he works to forward the organization's mission of  fostering thriving, inclusive and sustainable communities through the creative reclamation of public space. He uses a holistic leadership approach, aiming to support the staff, core volunteers, communities being served, and clients in realizing their highest potential in service to creating sustainable community in the context of City Repair's work. Marc also provides consulting services in community development, sociocracy and Dynamic Governance, facilitation and mediation, and ecovillage site and organizational design. He is also an avid guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, and is a founding member of Sol Nectar, a musical group that pollinates the blossoming consciousness by seducing the audience back to source. Marc holds a degree of Master of Community and Regional Planning, a BA in Environmental Studies, and advanced training in permaculture, ecovillage design, mindfulness based group process, and integral studies.


...plus other guest instructors, and everyone who attends will also be part of the magic and we will all learn from each other!

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