We are deeply grateful to our Community Partners who are integral to making VBC possible. Please support them.


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Become a community partner!

With your sponsorship, you are directly supporting your communities to have safer, healthier, and happier places to live through transforming urban spaces into common gathering places.

Your neighbors want to establish and encourage urban villages for greater social connection, collective expression and ultimately a safer and more sustainable future for our children.

Join now to become a Community Partner of the Village Building Convergence (VBC)

Contact us today for pricing:  Rachel Willis at sponsors@cityrepair.org

VBC 15: Partnership Levels

$100 - Home Repair - (~ 3000 impressions)

  • Logo featured on The City Repair Project website as Community Partner

$250 - Block Repair - (~ 5000 impressions)

  • Logo featured on website
  • ⅛ page interior (3.5 x 2.25”) ad in the Village Builder event guide

$500 - Intersection Repair - (~ 10,000 impressions)

  • Logo featured on website
  • ¼ page interior (3.5 x 4.75”) ad in the Village Builder
  • Social Media Posts

$1000 - Neighborhood Repair - (~15,000 impressions with preferred placement)

  • Logo featured on website
  • ½ page interior (7.25 x 4.75”) ad in the Village Builder
  • Logo featured on all sponsor materials (posters, banners) at placemaking sites

$3000 - City Repair - (~30,000 impressions with preferred placement.)

  • Logo featured on website
  • Full page interior ad in the Village Builder
  • Custom media outreach and community partnership activation at one or multiple placemaking sites