The following updates have been made to our 2015 Placemaking Calendar.

  • New Site!!!  Friday, June 26th-Sunday, June 28th, 10AM-6PM, SE 86th Ave & SE Glenwood
  • North Atlantic Compass Rose (p. 20) is cancelled
  • Da Vinci Dragon (p. 35) date changed to Wednesday, June 10th.
  • The address for Backyard Yoga Shala (p. 25) is: 4917 Northeast 20th Avenue, Portland, OR
  • The times for Leaven Project (p.26) have been changed to: 12-5 each day EXCEPT Wednesday (no event that day)
  • The schedule for Creston Community Convergence (p.47) has been changed to:
    • Wed, June 10th: Street intersection prep (sweeping and power washing);
    • Sat, June 13th: 9am Final Sweep and chalk out the painting 11-4 Paint;
    • Sun, June 14th: 11-4 Finish painting and clean up party;
    • Rain Dates: June 20, June 21st
  • The date for painting at the Reed Neighborhood Placemaking Site (p.45) has been changed to: July 11th, 2015

41 Placemaking Sites 

  • 21 intersection paintings
  • 8 natural buildings
  • 6 community gardens!

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VBC’s Placemaking Program: From Collaborative Vision to Manifestation

The Placemaking Seasonal Calendar
Becoming a VBC Placemaker is an exciting process of unfurling our power together as caretakers of place.

We begin a new placemaking season around the Fall Equinox with the release of a Placemaking Application/ RFP as community organizers across the region share their visions and dreams for their places with VBC’s Placemaking Team. See the VBC 15 Placemaking Application

Through winter, we consult with community members, harnessing winter’s dreaming to gather the seeds of ideas and inspiration we will plant together during the VBC.

*February to end-May*, community members attend our Placemaking Program, a weekly workshop series through which we support and facilitate each community’s placemaking project. 

Come spring, VBC Placemakers are catalyzed along with the earth’s life energy bubbling and blooming. VBC mimics the seasonal cultural pattern of a barn-raising, catalyzing collective action towards a transformative harvest of inter-relatedness. During VBC, most projects come into fruition, embedding the rich web of relations and the textured meaning of our interwoven lives into our physical locales.

In the summer, we celebrate and inhabit these places we have co-created, and savor the sweet moments they offer. 

The VBC 15 Placemaking Team consisted of many loving hearts aligning to transform along with our community sites, as we grow entangled in each other’s life stories and places within the city. Together, we learn deep lessons that remind us that in repairing the city, we are repairing our relationship to ourselves, to each other, and to the land.

So it is with hearts full with love, gratitude & hope that we present you with 41 #VBC15 Placemaking projects. To feel the village as it resonates with your genetic memory and to find your place to thrive within the regenerative momentum we’ve been nurturing for the 15th Annual Village Building Convergence!

VBC 15 Placemaking Team: Mark Lakeman, SaraHope Smith , Sarah Frances, Kirk Rea, Tiana Flora, Brent Bellamy, Ramona Shober, Kara Gurvey, Nathan Dorsett, Kathleen Belkhayat, Michael Harder, Melanie Rios & Ridhi D’Cruz

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