After learning, come together in the Village Hearth, connect with community, nourish yourself, learn, and be moved by music that speaks to your heart ...

The Village Center:

Share a Delicious Dinner made from mostly local and organic ingredients.

All Ages and Kid Friendly, with special Kid Zones, outdoor playground and Fun Educational Children's Programming.

Nourishing snacks and tasty treats available all night.

Come relax and energize in the peaceful cozy tea lounge serving medicinal, herbal, and exotic green teas served by the master tea servers from OneDoorLand

Dancing: Our community focus creates a fun and safer space for expressing oneself through dance while tuning into the collective bliss.

Make new friends in our intimate conversation nooks

Enjoy our diverse outdoor areas that are designed for comfort rain or shine


Music is vital to the Village, as is dancing and celebrating together. We select incredibly talented musicians from many genres and cultures. 

There's something for everyone, whether it be a beloved familiar artist or discovering a new favorite sound.

We have artists that are world renowned and others that are local favorites.

Our musical lineup includes diverse genres such as:
World Music. Acoustic String Bands. Roots Reggae. Intimate Neo Folk. Cutting Edge Electronic Music featuring Live Vocals and Instruments. Funk. Rock. Acoustic Blues.

Artists include: The Bibi McGill, Numatik, and Zahira Project. Clinton Fearon. Joe and Sekou. Yaima. LoveBomb Go-Go. Rena Jones Live Band. Loveness Wesa & the Bantus. Saratone. The Max Ribner Band. Halo Refuser. Lapa. Entheo. Sol Nectar, and a whole lot more!

 The common thread is high quality music and messages that align with our vision and values of community, sustainability, equity, collaboration, empowerment, and positive change.