Skidmore Snack Track

4302 NE 12th Ave, Portland, OR

Contact Information:
Ellen Huffman

Ecological Landscaping

June 20th

Come out to the corner of NE 12th & Skidmore on Thursday, June 20th from 2pm-5pm to learn about adding edible perennial guilds along sidewalks aka Snack Tracks!

From 2pm-3pm We will explore mutually beneficial plant pairings and discuss the importance of urban agriculture. From 3pm-5pm we will plant approximately 100 plants including 20 different varieties of edible perennials and pollinating plants. Our goal is to create a tasty corner for neighbors to enjoy and you can learn how to do it to! The Skidmore Snack Track is part of Sabin CDC's long term plan to hold space for urban agriculture within NE Portland's vital affordable housing stock. Bring a trowel and a water bottle, we'll provide the snacks, of course!