SES Cob Bench Project

A spring view of the cob bench at the school.

A spring view of the cob bench at the school.

Location: Sunnyside Environmental School 3421 SE Salmon Street, Portland, OR. Project onSE Salmon in between 34th and 35th

Contact Information: Steph Rooney 504-919-0660

Current phase completed, info about project and upcoming work:

This covered cob bench was built during the 2005 VBC. The bench has been a well-loved fixture in the neighborhood but especially by climbing Sunnyside students. Some of the cob has begun to crumble and this June 6th, natural builders from the City Repair Project will be leading Sunnyside students in building back up these cob sections.

This event is closed to the public. Look for opportunities to be involved next year during VBC's 20th anniversary and the SES Cob bench's 15th birthday. This year there will be rotations of Sunnyside classes learning how to patchwork repair the broken parts of the cob bench.