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Slow Syracuse

  • Syracuse Treehouse 8716 North Syracuse Street Portland, OR, 97203 United States (map)

Our Historic Maple tree was crying out for a treehouse! One of it's 4 main trunks came down a few years ago leaving a weather way to the hollow trunk and we have to cover it!

The treehouse will have an earthen clay interior that will be the focus of VBC week here on Syracuse, but there will be lots of other projects that compliment and finish the work. Come and play with tile and glass mosaic at the treehouse footings. Learn to make a colored glass mosaic window! The roof will need to be planted with ferns and shamrocks. We have willow poles and lovely curly willow for the stair rails and cross bracing and undercarriage finishing and we will be planting some native plants around the base.

Come join us!

Rough schedule for the week of VBC!!

Fri June 2 
Weekend Camping is available (Fri&Sat nights only), please rsvp at as we have limited, but beautiful space! 4:00pm+
Sat June 3
10 am start: Installing Reed lathe, mixing clay base plaster, mixing clay finish plaster, de-nailing wood flooring, early eve dinner will be served, Camper fire
Sun June 4
 10 am start: Applying clay base plaster, de-nailing wood flooring, afternoon dinner will be served, Campers depart
Weekday snacks and beverages will be provided to volunteers
Mon June 5
10am-1pm window mosaic-making (led by Shelley Zucker)
Curly Willow cross bracing and railings, any de-nailing wood flooring left and planning
Tue June 6
 10 am start: Planing wood flooring, Willow pole on undercarriage
Wed June 7
10 am start: English Elm and Cedar siding
Thu June 8 
10 am start: Finish Plaster application, cedar roofing
Fri June 10
10 am start: Finish Plaster application, 12:00-2:00Solar lighting basics workshop (led by Chuck Cooper)
Friday eve dinner and fire
Sat June 11
10 am start: Install wood flooring, native plantings around base of treehouse footings (led by Kathi Ray), Mosaic piers (led by TBD) 
Finishing/sealing clay plaster (end of the week)
Dinners and bevs/snacks will be prepared and served by our best neighbor ever, Saara Fahey.  Thank you Saara!


Earlier Event: June 3
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