• PSU Chicadeedooda Chickdeeday (map)
  • 1821-1863 SW 12th Ave
  • Portland, OR, 97201
  • United States

The Portland State Community Orchard has been a vibrant area of community building since 2011 and has hosted a number of VBC projects in the past. For this years project, we will be hosting a variety of different kinds of projects that bring to importance concepts such as artistic expression, maintaining projects of the past, recycling "trashy" materials, and having fun of course. From hosting yoga to building tables and chairs out of pallets, we are aiming to enjoy our time in the Orchard as much as possible and we hope you will join too!

Monday June 5th: 10am-4pm Painting the roof over our Cob Bench! Painting a welcome sign for the space as well as maps and trail signs! Yoga anyone?

Tuesday June 6th: 10am-4pm Repairing the Cob Bench! Building tables and chairs out of pallets and other reusable materials!

Wednesday June 7th: 10am-4pm Making pillows out of burlap sacks! Expanding our compost system! Talent show & Open Mic as a Closing Ceremony!

Free Lunch Everyday with Vegan & Gluten Free options!!!

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