North Tabor Bikeways Intersection Mural

north tabor.jpg

NE 53rd and Everett St.

Contact Information: Zach Michaud 971-344-3337

Friday, June 7th: 6p-8p Pressure Washing Street, Create Chalk Grid

Saturday, June 8th: 8am - 10am Chalk Out Design Set Up and Breakfast 10am - 4pm PAINTING! All ages and abilities. Kids activities available. Snacks provided! 4pm - 5pm: Clean Up

Sunday, June 9th: 10am - 4pm Finish up Painting.

This intersection was originally painted by neighbors in 2015 and has faded over the last four years. Tending to the mural after a couple years is like tending to the community bonds. When we recommit to painting the mural, we recommit to nurturing our neighbors' spirits. We show that we are willing to come together to help and care for each other through this and other projects. As the city and neighborhood go through growing pains, this painting gives neighbors a way to creatively build community that they would like to experience instead of feeling helpless by the changes happening around them. North Tabor lacks parks, so claiming a commons space where neighbors can come together is extremely important.