Map For VBC 2017

Community-Driven Art and Sustainability Projects  

Placemaking is a multi-layered process within which citizens foster active, engaged relationships to the spaces they inhabit to inspire communal stewardship and lived connection. 

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Intersection Repairs

Neighbors, community organizers and local schools come together to "repair" their intersections. They plan and draw murals then watch their vision come to life during the Village Building Convergence as members of the community paint together. 

Natural Building

During the Village Building Convergence, City Repair hosts several workshops on building with cob and straw bale, making rocket stoves, and more natural building techniques. 

Ecological Landscaping

Throughout the city, City Repair will host demonstration sites and workshops on urban food gardens.  Prepare to get your hands dirty!  Many of our garden sites are focusing on pollinator habitat creation.