Lloyd EcoDistrict Intersection Mural

NE 2nd Ave. & NE Clackamas St.
Portland, OR 97232

Contact Information:
Brian Garcia

Intersection PAINTING

July 13th, 14th

On July 13 - 14th we will be refreshing the mural with community members. Going forward we plan on hosting the event annually to help create a sense of place and pride in the Lloyd community! This project was done to help create a bright and colorful sense of place in an area in Portland that is sometimes thought of as gray and dull.

In August 2017 The Lloyd EcoDistrict, in collaboration with Rather Severe and Color Outside the Lines, completed the first intersection mural in the Lloyd neighborhood! This project was supported by City Repair as part of their Village Building Convergence. Volunteers from Wells Fargo and Color Outside the Lines joined community members to complete the colorful vortex, which is adjacent to Calaroga Terrace, a senior living facility. Before implementing the project we sought input on locations and design ideas. The mural is located NE 2nd Ave and NE Clackamas St.