Learning Garden Laboratory Multi-Purpose Welcome Center

Welcome sign to the Learning Garden Lab

Welcome sign to the Learning Garden Lab

Learning Garden Laboratory
6801 SE 60th Ave. Portland, OR 97206 USA

Contact Information: Bryce Belinski 805-403-4377 brycebelinski@gmail.com
Live Updates: https://www.facebook.com/LearningGardensLabPSU/

Learning Garden Lab Logo

Learning Garden Lab Logo


Ecological Landscaping, Future Natural Building

June 1st

We at the Learning Gardens Laboratory aim for this land to be a space for community to gather, commune, and celebrate life in all it's divine processes. In considering the ways in which we may open the doors to our neighbors, friends, and family; we have recognized the need for a new welcome gate that reflects the nature of this space! Our involvement with the Village Building Convergence this year is a Placemaking Celebration that begins our collaborative journey towards our goal for a new "Multidimensional Welcome Gate". At present, the perimeter of the Learning Gardens Laboratory is lined by a chainlink fence. On June 1, from 9-2:30; we will welcome community members to join us in collectively visioning how we may cultivate this space as a welcoming place for all!

LGL Placemaking Schedule June 1st:

9:00am Placemaking Yoga with Jaime Mathis
Yoga and song facilitated by Leadership for Sustainability Education graduate student Jaime Mathis

10:00am Observation Walk & Opening Circle
Guided walk around the Learning Gardens Laboratory and the surrounding neighborhood
Gather and share observations about the space
Transition into hands-on tasks!

10:45am Placemaking Activities
Prepare our new entrance area
Tend to seasonal needs of the garden
Co-create welcoming artwork with natural materials recycled from the land

12:45pm Visioning and Closing Circle
Gather, put intentions into the space, celebrate achievements and rejoice the abundance to come!

1:15pm Potluck, Abundance Table, and Celebration!
Bring a dish to share and eat in a welcoming community setting!
Make art!
Listen to music!
Celebrate what we are creating together!