Jarrett Grove

jarrett grove.png

NE 28th and NE Jarrett St.

Contact Information: Joe Culhane 301-646-7302 Joe.culhane@pcc.edu

Intersection Painting

Saturday, June 1st
9 am till evening!

We are a collective of families and folks from a tiny corner of the Concordia Neighborhood. We started this in 2015 and it has been wonderful to see our connections and collaborations grow. Our goal is to further develop our intersection and eventually create much more of a piazza feel like Sunnyside or share it square. The next big goal we have, beyond the intersection painting is to get folks on board with doing a cob oven! We're aiming for 2020 for that project so a part of this years fundraising and promotions will be devoted to that end. Plus, we are friends with the cob girls up in Salt Spring Island and are going to plant the seed to have them come get down on this project!