Offer Housing to out-of-town guests!

Every year, VBC gives community members the opportunity to host visiting guests. People interested in our work come from around the region, nation, and globe to participate and learn with us. Opening our doors to welcome them deepens the cultural  exchange. 

By becoming a VBC 17 Housing Host, we expect that you will provide access to either a room, sleeping bag space, or a camping zone. In addition to this, we hope you'll share meals, travel to Placemaking sites, and share a good bond - but that is between you and your guests. 


For every two nights of hosting a guest, VBC will give you one free pass for for a community night. 

If you're interested in offering housing to out-of-town guests, please fill in our Housing Offer Form by clicking here or directly into the form below. The questions below will help us  match you with guests requesting a homestay. We will share relevant information with you to ensure a good fit!