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Confronting the Settler WIthin: Community Discussion with Integration Ceremony

  • Toren Collective 1627 NE Alberta St B1, Portland, OR 97211 (map)

When the fabric of our culture is sewn from that which was grown out of colonized conquest, the web that it weaves is fraught with hidden patterns encoded into each of us. Join us for an evening of open and honest exploration into how colonization has shaped those of us who are grown and rooted in its soil, inheritors of a bloody legacy.

Together we will lean into the discomfort, touch the uncertain, vulnerable places within us, and hold a safe space to show up, do our best, make mistakes, learn, and grow. This is perhaps the most important work we can do at this time, and it is the pathway to healing generations of division, separation, and trauma.

Indeed, the way of colonized culture is to divide and conquer. Therefore, the greatest medicine we can offer our ailing world, is unification and love. But we won’t really get there until we’re honest about how the subtle and not-so-subtle ways of colonization live within us and this land we inhabit, the scars of displaced memories that still echo through the mountains, roll across the plains, and hang in the hills.

Together we will explore what it means to be a colonial settler on Turtle Island; how we participate, the ways we are impacted and we impact others, and the journey of coming into right relation.

Once full and ripe from the discussion, we will work with the elements and find our way home within through a ceremony for integration. This will be a personal ceremonial experience that is quite simple, yet impactful.

Facilitated by Amanda Rain of Speaking the Unspeakable®

Monday, June 5th

Toren Collective
1627 NE Alberta St.

Donations gratefully received. No one turned away.

~*~ Schedule ~*~
6:30p - Gather
7:00p - Discussion Begins
8:30p - Integration Ceremony
9:00p - Reflection Circle
9:30p - Toren Collective Open House

Note: Timing will be a little fluid between the close of the discussion and the opening of the ceremony, which will be held in Toren’s Temple. Heart connection and soft discussion can continue in the lounge area where the discussion will be held while people come in and out of the Temple.

~*~ About Amanda Rain ~*~

Amanda Rain founded Speaking the Unspeakable® to support people in speaking their truth with heart and power. Amanda’s insightful understanding of the struggles of the soul and pathways to freedom comes from her own experience of rising like the phoenix from the ash of her life to heal, transform and fly again. She inspires courage to face our personal and collective pain to free ourselves to walk with honesty, integrity and truth as one human family. Her voice offers hope for the spirit and medicine for the soul.

~*~ About Toren Collective ~*~

Toren Collective exists to support the cultivation of personal and community evolution. We apply potent and ancient tools toward all of our endeavors with a focus on healing and spiritual awakening. We offer unique, modern day experiences that catalyze personal growth and deep, lasting transformation. Our offerings are meant for those who are ready to fully step into the LOVE, POWER, and WISDOM that resides both within and around us.

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