Greeley Forest Garden
A Project of OSALT


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3156 North Greeley Ave
Portland, OR 97227

Contact Information:
Marty Lambers


June 9th
@ 10am - 2pm

The Greeley Forest Garden - A Forest to Feed a Neighborhood - Fresh & Local Food Crops and Wildlife Habitat in Portland, OR. Protected for the future by OSALT. Our mission is to bring a network of other local organizations together as a part of the Portland Food Systems Design Model - focused on the research & education of sustainable urban agriculture.

The Greeley Forest Garden, immediately adjacent to the Hazelnut Grove tiny house village community, will be remediated in the Summer of 2018 by existing volunteer networks and its infrastructure improved to support the site become a productive food forest. It will be cultivated for food and other salable crops an ongoing basis by residents of Hazelnut Grove, under the mentorship of our partner organizations Food by Design and City Repair.

SCHEDULE: June 9th @ 11am - 2pm
- Chop and Drop and Mulch Fruit Trees & Shrubs
- Continue Shoveling Swales & Shaping Planting Hills
- Spreading Compost and Mulch at Newly Designed Earthworks
- Sharing Live Music and Dancing Along the Terraces
- Site History and Food System Design Model Discussion
- Pyramid Building Demonstration with Mila