Greeley Forest Garden, A Project of OSALT - Cottonwood Wildlife Habitat Project

A sign for the PSU community Orchard and Garden

A sign for the PSU community Orchard and Garden

Location: 3166 North Greeley Avenue, PDX, OR - A property walking distance from the Cross Streets of North Interstate and North Greeley

**Directions**: park at or near Overlook Park (across Interstate from the Kaiser Interstate campus) and walk down the hill on Interstate to the intersection with Greeley, then take a right on the bike path until you see the gate in the fence.

Contact Information:
Martin Lambers

Ecological Landscaping

June 5th &

June 8th

Greeley Forest Garden, A Project of the
Oregon Sustainable Agricultural Land Trust

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 - Official Project Kickoff!
Starting at 9:30 AM, Commencing around 3-4 pm

Saturday, June 8th, 2019 - Finishing Touches and Commemoration
Starting at 1pm, Commencing around 5-6 pm

Description of Projects:
-Cottonwood Wildlife Habitat, Birdhouse Crafting and Mounting
-Hand-crafted Art Installations, Individual and Creative Expressions
-Weaving Yarn between the Willamette Blvd Fence line, capturing symbolic patterns to reflect the ecological patterns based from our garden's designs
-Tour of Forest Garden, Presentation of Plans for Future Fall Ecological Landscaping and Native Plantings

The mission of OSALT is to help establish environmentally sound, socially equitable and economically practical methods for the production and distribution of food, fiber and building materials: sustainable agriculture. The areas of focus for this site are: land protection, research, education and social sustainability.

We envision a future in which individuals will be aware, in their daily lives, of the interdependence of humanity with the rest of Nature. We envision everyone will have access to sustainably produced food, fiber and building materials. We are working hard to ensure all people will have the ability to produce their own food, fiber and building materials with equitable access to necessary land, knowledge and resources.