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Bird Language Workshop, Peacemaking and Connection Workshop - Jon Young


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BIRD LANGUAGE workshop 9:30am-12:30pm at Jean's Farm
Learning bird language, simply put, is the practice of gaining an expanded awareness of one's surroundings based on the sounds and behaviors of birds. An instinct that is still practiced for survival among tribal people worldwide, we are capable of regaining an understanding bird language and, if established and developed as a core routine, this has the effect of vastly sharpening one's knowledge of their surroundings and inhabitants.

1:30-4:30pm at Jean's Farm
Many of us bring our passions into our work, and find disappointment, challenge and frustration in the many ways that interpersonal conflict robs the creativity and passion from the work, and the enjoyment of the work. This compromises the potential of both the capacity of the individual and the health of the organizational culture. In this 3-hour workshop, Jon offers a refreshing perspective on finding peace within oneself and bringing greater peace into the collaborative efforts.

Jean's Farm is located at 3707 SE Johnson Creek Blvd. For guests traveling by vehicle, please park or drop off on SE 36th Ave. Vehicles are not permitted to pull into or drop off at the gated farm entrance. Contact to arrange alter-abled access.