Curiosity Corner

A design for the street painting

A design for the street painting

Location: Wayfinding Academy: N Leonard and N Charleston, Portland, OR

Contact Information:
Elizabeth Wegmann 720-280-2514

Street Painting

June 8th and 9th

June 8th
10am - welcome and opening circle
10:15am - start painting
12pm - 1:30pm potluck lunch + donated food
1pm - 3pm continue painting + breakout activities & live music
3pm - 4pm painting
4pm - 4:15pm gratitudes and closing circle
4:15pm - 5pm cleanup

June 9th
12pm - 2pm - finish painting & cleanup
1pm - 4pm - activities, celebration, fun, food
4pm - 5pm - cleanup

We welcome everyone of any age or ability to join us in painting the intersection and celebrating our community. There will be activities for kids and snack and drinks throughout the day. In case of rain, our back up paint days are June 15th and 16th, same daytime schedule.

***For the most up to date information about schedule of events and activities please visit our Facebook page.***

Our street painting project is called Curiosity Corner in honor of the diverse, intergenerational learning community that exists at the intersection with a college, preschool, elementary school and library. Our hope is to continue strengthening the community between all the different schools, organizations and neighbors in our little corner of St. Johns.

Our hope is that this project will lay the framework for future placemaking projects and collaborations by bringing everybody together and bridging the gaps in our community. We hope that the intersection painting and other placemaking project will become a yearly tradition for our intersection. Plus, we love the idea of organizing and reconnecting joyfully through a communal art project that gets people out and working together.

**Please ignore the dates in the video below - we made it before we finalized our dates :) **