César Chávez Walks


César Chávez School Parking Lot 5103 W Willis Blvd, Portland, OR, 97203

Contact Information: William Francis. 971-222-9869 william@communitycyclingcenter.org

Date TBD

We are the César Chávez School community (students, parents, school staff, partners - Community Cycling Center). We have 3 related project ideas in the works at the moment: 1) create two to three artistically-minded and culturally reflective crosswalks in the school parking lot in order to facilitate safe movement of pedestrians/cyclists/rollers. 2) painting a mural within the school parking lot in a proposed waiting area outside the NW doors of campus near the kindergarten classrooms. 3) painting a short, roughly 15' stretch of sidewalk at a recently closed entrance to the parking lot. We would be happy with doing any one of combination of these painting projects. We applied for and received a Community Change Grant through America Walks in January 2019 for $2000. After that we assembled an action team of parents who have approved 4 project ideas, one (3 sub ideas listed above) of which is outlined in this application. William Francis has created a design submission box placed in the school office and has notified parents, and he will also be reaching out to students in Feb/early March to solicit design ideas. Once we have collected design ideas we will be working with artists through City Repair Project to synthesize submissions and create a final design(s) reflective of community values and culture. Community members will be recruited to participate in putting paint on the ground with the guidance of artists and other experts. Our goal is to have the project completed by late May/ early June 2019 during the VBC.