Alley Activation

An archtechtual design of the project site

An archtechtual design of the project site

SE Hickory Street- Division Street Alley, just behind the City Repair Office: 1421 SE Division Street

Contact Information:
Frank Lewington or Chase Bisset
frankielewington@gmail. com &
Live Updates:

Ecological Design, Alley Repair

June 2nd

The Portland Global Shapers are a group of young, inspiring and dedicated change-makers looking to use our collective skill sets and perspectives to address local, regional and global challenges. Guided by three tenets (empower, inspire, and steward), the Portland hub is interested in supporting a community-led, placemaking project while fostering new relationships with community partners. Our hope is that by offering our skills and capacity, we can help implement a community’s vision and co-create and revitalize a public space. By the end of this project, we hope to increase pride around the neighborhood and inspire other community organizations and neighborhoods to reimagine alleys as a community asset in their own neighborhoods.

Work party is June 2nd at 10am till 3 pm! Lunch will be served and fun will be had! Come help us build some garden beds and install a water catch at City Repairs Headquarters!