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Repaint Gilbert/Sedro Intersection!

  • N Gilbert and Sedro Portland, OR (map)

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Hi! My name is Casey and I live here at the intersection of N Gilbert and Sedro in St John's. Along with a few other homes in the neighborhood, we are planning to continue the tradition of hosting a block party for everyone living on & around these two streets each summer. While discussing what we should do, the topic of repainting the tree at the intersection of the two streets came up.

The original painting was coordinated by Tony & Lynda Zagelow as part of a neighborhood effort in 2012, but it's starting to look a little worn. This summer seems like a great time to come together as a neighborhood and freshen it up with a new coat of paint, along with adding some new touches to the design. We'd love you all to come join us in that, after which we can spend some time enjoying some food and drinks together as neighbors.

In order to accomplish this repainting, we'll need to buy some new paint—a particular kind that will stand up to weather and traffic, as well as mixed in approved colors that the city doesn't have any conflicts with in terms of traffic signaling. We'll also need to rent some barricades to block off traffic and make a safe space for everyone to join in on the painting. We've estimated the costs at $500 between the barricade rental and the paint. We're hoping that some people can pitch in to help us cover these costs; if we have any money left over we can put it towards food and drinks for the block party.

Repainting will give us a daily visual reminder of the excitement we feel to be able to live here in St. John's but it's also a great opportunity to meet each other and give our families a new memory of our time here. We hope you'll join us even if you aren't able or interested in contributing money to the painting fundraiser! The block party will be happening at the intersection of the two streets on August 12th starting at 9am and continuing on into the day.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask any questions on the Facebook group  or contact me through this page.

Casey and Gretchen Kolderup
Tony and Lynda Zagelow
Hannah and Patrick Theiss
Ian and Jennifer Knauss

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