Why Natural Building?

We believe that as human beings, it is our birthright to build our own habitat. The bees, birds, all creatures build their own homes, and it is a tragedy how disconnected we have become from this sacred practice. As a placemaking organization, we believe that contemporary mainstream building practices are not viable for a regenerative future given the incredible amounts of toxicity and embedded energy it takes. Natural building, on the other hand, is an approach deeply embedded with place-based principles that invites both builders and inhabitants to craft place with intention and with greater care for our beloved earth's resources. 

Natural Building at the VBC

We encourage participants to explore earthen/natural building through free daytime workshops and building projects facilitated by some of our most skilled natural builders. Techniques covered include Light Straw Clay, Cob, Adobe, Straw Bale, Wattle and Daub, as well as Natural Plasters and Floors. Structures range from smaller installations like cob ovens, cob cat palaces and chicken palaces, barrel ovens, rocket stove mass heaters and cob benches to larger ones including treehouses, sheds and retrofits to homes and garages.

2016 Natural Building Projects

Projects take place both in the public right-of-way as well as on private property and all workshops are offered for free. Please find below, the natural building projects for VBC 2016.